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Webshopimporter - Woocommerce Quick start Guide

Wordpress/WooCommerce instruction

1.       Log in to your wordpress admin dashboard.

2.       At WooCommerce click on settings,

3.       Go to Advanced

4.       Go to REST API.

5.       Then click Add Key button.

6.       You can choose the Description yourself. In the window that follows, the Rights must be set to Read / Write. Next, click Generate API key.

7.       You will see a window with Customer Key and Customer Secret which you will need later.


Webshopimporter Instruction

1.       Log in now at woocommerce.webshopimporter.com

2.       Go to dashboard and then click on "add new shop" button.

3.       Here you will find

Url = is link of your webshop

Consumer key = is your Customer Key code that you have generated

Consumer secret = is your Customer Secret code that you have generated

4.       Enter it and then click on "add" if it goes well, the shop will appear on the dashboard with a green checkmark at "Working API connection".